Helping You Face Domestic Violence Charges With A Solid Defense

Family arguments can quickly get out of control escalate and when the police are called, serious consequences can result. Family violence and spousal abuse convictions carry harsh consequences. If convicted, you could face probation and prison time and be ordered to attend a domestic violence treatment program or evaluation or wear an electronic monitor. If you have prior domestic violence convictions, you can be charged with a Class 5 felony.

Margaret Teigen Steele has been helping individuals fight domestic violence charges from misdemeanor to felony charges since 1999. Family violence charges can be made by your current or former spouse, intimate partner or co-parent of your child.

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Diligent Domestic Violence Defense Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights

Without an experienced lawyer, you could lose:

  • Your right to possess firearms
  • Your driver's license
  • Your job if you are a health worker
  • Future housing prospects
  • The right to visit your child's school
  • The right to coach your child's Little League team
  • Your privacy as your name will be listed in the state's "Trails" database

Ms. Steele understands that family conflicts can be hard to settle. An experienced lawyer can help when the battle becomes too much for you. Ms. Steele will fight for your rights and help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

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