Colorado Has Harsh Penalties For DUIs

It was only a couple of drinks at happy hour after work and now you are facing another DUI. The stakes are high if you are suspected of drunk driving. Your job is on the line, your professional licensing could be revoked, your family responsibilities are affected by high fees and so is your social reputation.

If convicted for the first time, you are looking at a nine-month suspension of your driver's license. However, you could get your license back within 30 days if you install an "ignition interlock" device on your car. If this is your second DUI, you will be facing mandatory sentence of 10 consecutive days in jail. If your first DUI was more than five years ago, you may be able to get an in-home detention sentence.

Colorado has a lifetime "look back period," meaning that no matter how long ago your first DUI was, it still counts against you. In comparison, other states have a five or 10-year look back period. DUI records cannot be sealed or expunged under federal law. Under new state laws, a person convicted of a fourth DUI in Colorado faces a felony charge.

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Earlier Reinstatements With Experienced Advocacy

The sooner you contact an attorney for help, the sooner you can work toward getting your driving privileges reinstated. Since 1999, attorney Steele has been helping clients get their driver's licenses reinstated as soon as possible with as short a sentence as possible. She can help you with:

  • DUI/DWAI defense — From first offenders to multiple convictions
  • Department of motor vehicles ("DMV") hearings
  • Driving under revocation — Driving after revocation of your license for an alcohol-related offense could mean more jail time
  • Reckless or careless driving — Avoid points on your license and escalating insurance costs
  • Speeding

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Do You Have Outstanding Traffic Tickets?

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